Monday, September 28, 2009

Anna Sui's ROCK ME..

Rock Me , Rock the World

Anna Sui's latest fragrances, Rock Me ! Rocks your world with a daring, while new scent. A little bit glam rock, a whole lots of fun. Be Cute , Be Sexy , Be Free .
ROCKIN' OUT AND HAVING FUN! ANNA SUI rocks your world with a daring , wild new fragrance. A little bit glamrock, a whole lot of fun. It's on the sweet side of dangerous, mysterious, rebellious. but deeply romantic an……d charming at heart. Wear it to express your own sense of style. Be cute, be sexy and be free with the launch of ANNA SUI's new and daring fragrance Rock Me!

           Visit us at Parkson @ KLCC from 8 - 14 Oct '09
and      Parkson @ Sunway Pyramid from 15 - 21 Oct '09.

During Period Exclusive Rockin' Accessories with any RM300* purchase, including any Rock Me! fragrance EDT 50ml or 70ml :
- Rock Me! Signature Guitar Bag
- Rock ME! Miniature
- Lomographic Camera
- Mini Protective Powder Foundation

Top up to RM380* and receive:
- Rock Me! Charm Bracelet
- Mini Eye Makeup Remover
- Mini Super Mascara DX Waterproof

Receive a Rocker Chic makeover with any purchase of Anna Sui products from 8 - 14 Oct '09

All spiky and sexy, with black rimmed-eyes, black fingernails peeking out from biker's gloves and a studded black leather vest, is the ultimate rocker girl.

Wearing chains and hearts and pins everywhere, she holds a bright red guiter behind her head. She's ready to play, ready to rock. Butterflies fly on deep purple background as stage lights shine from below.

The flagons get a spotlights all of its own, shooting off sparks and hearts and love. Its full of energy and fun, as it tell every girl to get out there and live the rocker girl fantasy.!

Experience ANNA SUI's rockin' sensation with a free Rock Me! sample. Simply print and flash our mailer (download from: from 8 Oct - 7 Nov '09 at any ANNA SUI counter @ Parkson KLCC, Pavilion, 1 Utama and Gurney Plaza Penang. While stocks last.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Juicy Culture Fragrances Promo'


Enjoyed this specials promotion from Parkson, Pavilion from 17 - 23 Sept 09.
Received a gift with purchase of Juicy Culture EDP 100 ml.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anna Sui's Collections

" Baby Anna Sui's Accessories Corner "

Baby LOVE " Anna Sui " products coz' the smell good like rose , also the antique cover / casing even though the packaging and start using it 2 months ago. I missed the Anna Sui warehouse sales which held on August coz' im damly sick until no energy to walk after walk. After researched on several counter collection / promotion, i realised Anna Sui counter lots of antique decoration which all ladies dream for. Lets have a look on my 1st Anna Sui's Collections :

SUPRISE......! ! ! !

My first time purchase :
              1)   Anna Sui Beauty Tray S - RM 67*
              2)   Anna Sui Puff L - RM 26*
                    FREE Gift:  Mascara

My Second Purchase :
              1)  Anna Sui Brush Stand - RM 67*
              2)  Anna Sui Lip Stick Base ( Limited Edition ) RM 77*
                  FREE GIFT:  Base Foundation & Mascara 001

Anna Sui's 10th Anniversary Collections
( Limited Edition )
Year 2008

Never dream i can have the above 'Unique Drawer' and guess how much does this cost.?
Wow... Its cost RM599*, am i crazy.? I always asking this question in my mind and I bought it after thinked about 3 weeks.

First Drawer :  Little Puff and Brush Layer

Although like normal drawer but its look unique, once you have admire on u wish to own it immediately on the spot. At last i owned it. Thanks a lot, Anna Sui .

Second Drawer :  Lip Layer

Third Drawer :  Eye Shadow Layer

My Purchase of the day.....
(1) Unique Drawer RM599*
(2) Hair Shampoo with Rosy Scent RM57*

Anna Sui's Accessory Box

Upon any purchase RM 350* and above you can take home this adorable " Lovely Butterfly Accessory Box " absolutely .. FREE ( while stock last )

" Limited Edition Umbrealla Set "

Since I purchased around RM 656* , the generous SA ( Ms. Jess ) give me another free gift with chosing either ' Anna Sui's Floor Mat ' OR ' Anna Sui's Umbrella Limited Edition '. Both also i interested but i have to choose only 1 so sad. As result, i chosen the Umbrella Set. Let's have a look on my Cuties Umbrella with Transparent Butterfly.


Front View

Back View

What you think on my Anna Sui's Collections ..? Attractive .? Addorable .?

UPdated......... on 03 October , 2009
Additional, i bought some Anna Sui products from It was Lip Gloss 500 (RM30.00) & Lip Gloss 02

with Limited Edition Dolly GirL ( RM 50.00 ). Anyway i got the sample Base Foundation, UV Primier and Pore Treatment for free from Miu. Yippie . ## Thanks Miu.