Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Estee Lauder Staff Sales on 18 July 2009

Estee Lauder is my first foot step warehouse sales this year in Renaissance Hotel, KL. Why im interested coz' EL is my current skincare products . I start using Estee Lauder this year FEB '09.
So, lets see what special on it...!

OMG..!! see these crazy ladies here ( including me ) at 5.25 am

I allow to go with the ‘Invitation Card’ offer by Estee Lauder staff / Beautician and  limit up to RM 2,000.00 .  Credit Card available too.

- at 6.15 am

Brands available in this sale are ;-
Estee Lauder , DKNY , Tommy , Bobbi Brown , M.A.C , Cinique ,
Sean John , Aramis , Origins and few others . !!!

Its time for us to enter nearly at 7am. I told myself remember to grab my lovely things which is Estee Lauder skincare . When I enter to the Grand Ballroom , I’m too excited to grab my things in front of me which is DKNY and TOMMY too. I’m get shocked with the crowded ppl in just a few minutes after and surprising me with people pushing , grabbing , screaming , snatching like sandwiches ! What's im suprising was the pregnant lady also in the warehouse sales. OMG..! If i have the opportunity to go next year, pregnant ladies please email me at , i will try myself to buy for you...

Im so sad coz can't grab fast with others. I do practise myself and go for next year again.
Sad coz this year don’t have much skincare of estee lauder such as IDEALIST , ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR ( AM / PM ) , PERCEPTIONIST WRINKLE CREAM .. and hope next year will be more choice of EL skincare .Luckily I did called my friends to grab the addition for me at last session for DKNY delicious ( another 2 bottles ) I am happy with the security taking care at the customer ( means us la ) coz I can saw a lots of the cut-q ladies in this warehouse but at last the security manage to catch the ladies out of and called them to Q-up at the line they suppose to be . This is to be fair for those people coming earlier in front .




After an hour , this what I grabbed…..!.!.!.!

My Estee Lauder Haul.!!

My END-up at 8.30 am

Goodbye Estee Lauder 2009
MEET you again next year.!!!