Thursday, January 28, 2010

4 Season Restaurant ( Spring , Summer , Autumn , Winter )

nowdays always go to romatic place to have dinner with friends. After do search in the internet and recomended by friends...... i would like to feel the environment while taking dinner with friends. If you don't mind , please do share your experience with me on your breakfast , lunch , tea-time & also dinner ... We chosen to celebrate for our friend birthday dinner at " 4 season Restaurant " . This is the first time we go 4 season restaurant and find the place nearly 20 minutes, may be its b'coz we not familiar to that area which in Wangsa Maju.. At last we found that place after call their restaurant.. Ops sorry, i forgot take front view of the 4 Season Restaurant. There are 4 season you can choose to sit for your dinner, which is Spring , Summer , Autumn & Winter . First, we choose Autumn Season ( outside balcony ) after our ordered we decided to shift to Winter Season which inside full with blue light and cool..

thai seafood fried rice

" Jumbo Snack "

Babygirl n little lobster

Birthday Boy ( Kat Wah )

En Leng having .....

Ms. Ho also having ...................

Best Friends

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lancome Skincare Promotion

Lancome are doing promotion basically on " Skin Care Products " this period.. from February 1st until March 1, 2010 . This time skincare products introduced on their eye treatment care and other moisturer , essence too.. and promotion available at all Lancome Counter.


Furthermore, Lancome also offer on the Youth Eyes Complimentary Ultrasound Treatment to see your result....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Clarins " Bengkel Kecantikkan "

baby breakfast

morning kiss orange juice

today theme ..

today questions..!!


my choice on No.1

today speaker : Ms Michelle

Wing , 1st model of the day

The SA help Wing to removes the face with toner all over the face. After that, second step is to apply hydra mask on left half face to see the result. 

Multi-Active Range Products

Shaping Facial Lift

our door gift..!!

door gift... n .....

Hi ladies, don't misplace that all are the door gift but just the red paper pouch and the 2 sample sachets. 

photo upload soon.......

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SK-II Promotion at Robinson

Last Sunday ( 10 Jan 2010 ) baby  met  Tammy at  Mid Valley Garden ( Robinson ) to check  out  the
SK-II promotion Set on the Miracle Essence Treament. As usual the Miracle Essence Treament selling at RM 187 * for 75ml but only SK-II counter Robinson come with :-

  1.   Facial Treament Essence  ( 75 ml )
  2.   Cleanser Treatment  ( 20g )
  3.   Toner Lotion  ( 20 ml )
  4.   Skin Signature Eye Mask  ( 1 pc ) 

  **  only  RM 187.00 **

Besides the promotion set, Robinson having the DRUM UP with " Lucky Dip."  purchase...

" Lucky Dip. "

Not only the freegift attracted me but also the lucky dip. most attractive. Additional, when purchased every RM 250* spent you will entitled to get free voucher of RM 30.00 ...... as stated above..

Facial Treatment Essence 75 ml

Treatment Cleanser 20 g
Treatment Clear Lotion 20 ml

Signs Eye Mask

My purchased now only RM 187.00 , since i want to reach the RM 250.00 to get voucher of RM 30.00 so i additional bought the Facial Mask for ( RM 43.00 x 2 pieces ) and now total are RM 273.00

Teng .. teng... teng...., this is my lucky dip. item................

** Clarins Cleansing Gel  worth Rm 105.00 **
( full size item )

Baby will always update on SK-II promotions.........

Monday, January 18, 2010

FULLHOUSE Cafe ( KLCC area )

Hi Ladies,

baby wanna share this special place with all of you... I'm so excited with this place coz' its fully all in white colors even the furniture & flower also. Actually its follow Korean's Style and once you entered, you will never felt to come out from the place.

Lovely Hall

* sweet menu *

so sweet..!!

sheep sheep **

cuties mini clocks ( RM 49.90 - RM 99.90 )

decorations ( RM 19.90 - RM 69.90 )

decorations # 2 ( RM 29.90 - RM 129.90 )


little garden ( RM19.90 - RM 49.90 )

nice dress ( RM 89.90 )

 bed full with bag deco'
range ( RM 39.90 - RM 129.90 )

hee..he... am i the owner.?..

garment area

Food Sessions of the day:-

chop-chop :  Fish N Chip

chop-chop :  lamb chop

chop-chop :  chicken grill

chop-chop :  Oriental seafood

Drink session :

peppermint juicy

gingko aloe vera

chocolate ice blended

Please log-in to their website for further information and branches available in Wilayah Persekutuan.

p/s : need to do booking appointment  for seat available to dine-in ( 03 - 7885 0836 )